Year in Review & Future Needs

Recent Accomplishments

  • New stage lighting.
  • New projector and computer software to enable a more interactive experience during our productions and special events.
  • New computer system and software to improve financial and business information.
  • Thanks to a grant from the Fox Family Foundation, we are currently making safety and security improvements to our historic WPA building.
  • This spring, we would like to replace the lawn sprinkler system and design landscaping that requires less water and weekly maintenance.
  • We will also build a long-needed light booth.

Future Needs

  • Curtains
  • New monitors and microphones
  • This year, we are pursuing revenue streams where our Patrons and friends can assist us with financial support. We are also asking our Patrons to be more hands on with small, one-time projects that might spark creative or fun bursts of energy.

Financial Opportunities

  • Renew your Patron membership at the same or at a slightly increased level.
  • Become a returning or first-time Patron.
  • Sponsor a one-time special event.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • We are looking for Patrons and Friends to serve on the following committees or help with the following tasks:

Chronicle Our History

  • As we prepare for our 50th Anniversary celebration in 2018, we need to make sure our archival material and scrapbooks are in good order to be viewed by many hands. Of course, we will be making history in the next few years and must record that as well.


  • During the intermission of each play or special event, we need people to help greet our visitors and provide them with information about our non-profit. We also need help providing and serving snacks during intermission or prior to a special event. Can you dedicate one to three nights during the year to help serve during one play? That’s all it would take. We can also use ushers during the productions and special events.

Building & Grounds

  • We can use help with masonry, painting (interior and exterior),
    gutters and other constructions projects such as repair window sashes and doors and build a new light booth.

If you are interested in these or other volunteer opportunities, please contact us at 719.384.8320 or email us at