What a fantastic turn out! The Picketwire Players are excited to get started with our 49th season’s Christmas show, A Christmas Carol.

SHOW DATES -> Thursday, Friday, Saturday (December 14 – 16). Call time 6:00 PM


You will receive a script, sheet music and calendar on Wednesday.


  • Regular rehearsals -> Tuesday through Friday from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.
  • Music rehearsals -> Wednesday from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.
  • Tech Week -> Tuesday through Friday (December 5 – 8). Call time: 6:30 PM
  • Dress Rehearsals -> Monday through Wednesday (December 11 – 13). Call time: 6:00 PM
  • Additional rehearsals may be called as needed.
  • Set construction dates will be posted as needed.


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Ebeneezer Scrooge: Tom Seaba
Narrator: Grant Elliott
Ghost of Christmas Past: Nariah Smith
Ghost of Christmas Present: Caroline Finkner
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come: Johnathan McKelvey
Marley’s Ghost: Hailey Green
Bob Cratchit: Patrick Smith
Mrs. Cratchit: Heather Pidcock-Reed
Tiny Tim: Paeton Coates

Cratchit Children:
Annie Clarke
Daphne Clarke
Samuel Goheen
Lillian Klein
Samuel Goheen

Fred: Nathan Clarke
Business Woman: Rachael Berg
Business Woman: Rephena Graham
Mr. Fezziwig: Kent Reyher
Mrs. Fezziwig: Julie Homan
Young Man Scrooge: Austin Kurtz
Belle: Destiny Clarke
Young Boy Scrooge: Christian Smith Pumalpa
Fan: Sakura Cole
Boy Who Gets Turkey: Kyler Lagergren
Leader of Street Urchins: Kieran Harris

Street Urchins:
Kyler Lagergren
Alicia Cardenas
Bret Coates
Sakura Cole
Skylar Finkner
Noah Nunez-Rebel
Christian Smith Pumalpa
Emilia Smith Pumalpa
Michael Smith Pumalpa
Lilian Seaba


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Head Street Vendor: Jessica Rebel
Street Vendor (Speaking Role): Julie Meiklejohn
Street Vendor (Speaking Role): Omayra Pumalpa

Street Vendors:
Pat Finkner
Jordan Fowler
Laura Homan
Samantha Klein

Dancers: TBA

Fezziwig Guests:
Raechel Berg
Alicia Cardenas
Annie Clarke
Daphne Clarke

Speaking Role:
Nathan Clarke
Bret Coates
Pat Finkner
Skylar Finkner
Jordan Fowler
Samuel Goheen
Rephena Graham
Kieran Harris
Laura Homan
Lillian Klein
Samantha Klein
Kyler Lagergren
Julie Meiklejohn
Noah Nunez-Rebel
Omayra Pumalpa
Jessica Rebel
Emilia Smith Pumalpa
Michael Smith Pumalpa
Lillian Seaba

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Show Usher: Janae Collins-Redd
Show Usher: Kyle Collins-Redd
Candy Cane Distributor: Janae Collins-Redd
Candy Cane Distributor: Kyle Collins-Redd
Production Manager: Barbra Hjelmstad
Orchestral Director: James Lind
Choreographer: Jennifer Jackson
Music Arranger: James Lind
Vocal Coach: Mary Belew
Rehearsal Pianist: Barbra Hjelmstad
Stage Manager: Brenda Erwin
Assistant Stage Manager: Johnathan McKelvey
Light Designer: Tracey Salzbrenner
Set Designers: TBA
Light/Sound Tech: Zach Zamora
Set Build: Cast/Crew
Publicity: TBA