Auditions for Fall Play, August 18th & 19th



Les Miserables final performances continue this weekend, August 7th, 8th and 9th.  But that doesn’t stop Picketwire from planning another great show to delight the Arkansas Valley community.

MURDERMYSTOn August 18th and 19th, Picketwire will be holding cast auditions for Murder Mystery at the Murder Mystery.  The cast includes 14 people: 7 women, 5 men, and 2 that could be cast either way. Auditions will include reading from cuttings and a little improv.   The production is being directed by Elizabeth Randall, a seasoned veteran with the Picketwire Center.


Auditions are August 18th (Monday) & 19th (Tuesday) at 6:30 p.m.

Synopsis of the play:

The players at The Murder Mystery Playhouse are rehearsing a new show, Putting a Little English On It. It’s a not-so-good attempt at a British murder mystery, complete with cheesy dramatic music and British accents. As expected at the final dress rehearsal, the lights go out and a character dies onstage — only this murder wasn’t in the script! The authorities are quickly called, and soon the company finds themselves replaying the death scene. When yet another person dies at the end of the scene, the cast finds themselves replaying the same scene over and over for other investigators, a theatre critic and even the playwright himself! It all culminates in a wild surprise ending in which the actors must work together to defeat the murderer before he murders them all.


Characters of the play:

* Scarlet Mays/Ms. Polly–A diva actress who demands that things go her way and really does not get along with the director. (107 lines)
* Holly Hanover/Mrs. Margaret Polk–A level-headed and logical, but very snarky, actress. (128 lines)
* Sandy Smith/Gertrude Polk–A young actress who’s excited about the world of theater. (96 lines)
* Misty Gere/The Maid–A drama queen who overplays her part as well as everything in reality. (89 lines)
* Richard Green/Mr Fredrick Polk–An experienced actor who tries to direct and has some pretty good ideas. (130 lines)
* Tom Baines/Mr. Humphrey Black–A sleepy, hungry actor who plays the dead guy. (42 lines)
* Gary Ferguson/Inspector Bradshaw–A serious method actor. (40 lines)
* Erica Stone–A put-upon but reliable stage/house manager. (82 lines)
* Brett Donahue–The director who’s lost all control. (175 lines)
* Susan Wells–A slightly batty accompanist who plays intense and dreadful mood music. (31 lines)
* Inspector Wright–Cheboygan PD’s finest. (28 lines)
* Inspector Fuller–Wright’s partner. (14 lines)
* Adele Sears–A sweetly catty drama critic. (13 lines)
* Brian D. Taylor–The playwright. (41 lines)