The Annual Mickie Awards hold a special place in our hearts as we pay homage to our esteemed founder, Mickie Miller. These awards are a tribute to her enduring legacy and unwavering commitment to theater excellence. In the spirit of Mickie’s passion for the performing arts, the awards recognize and celebrate the exceptional talents of performers and technicians who have graced the Picketwire stage with their remarkable contributions. Each year, the Mickie Awards serve as a platform to express our gratitude and admiration for those individuals whose dedication and creativity have elevated our theatrical productions, bringing joy and enchantment to our audiences. It is through this annual celebration that we continue to uphold Mickie Miller’s vision, fostering a thriving community of artists who continue to weave the magic of theater on the Picketwire stage.

  • 2019

    2018 Mickie Awards

    • Best Director: Tracey Salzbrenner – My Fair Lady

    • Best Actor: Tom Seaba (Henry Higgins) – My Fair Lady

    • Best Actress: Heather Pidcock-Reed (Eliza Doolittle) – My Fair Lady

    • Best Supporting Actor: George Larsen (Alfred P. Doolittle) – My Fair Lady

    • Best Supporting Actress: Darlene Blackford (Mrs. Higgins) – My Fair Lady

    • Best Technician: Dean Rees (Rehearsal Pianist) – My Fair Lady

  • 2022

    2020-2021 Mickie Award Winners

    •Best Director: Rebecca Ayala – Nightfall with Edgar Allen Poe

    •Best Actor: Tim Baublits – MTI’s All Together Now

    •Best Actress: Desiree Goheen – MTI’s All Together Now

    •Best Supporting Actor: Cody Rogers (George) – Drinking Habits

    •Best Supporting Actress: Rachel Berg (Sister Mary Catherine) – Drinking Habits

    •Best Technician: Dean Rees (music) – MTI’s All Together Now
    *Covid-19 affected the 2020-2021 schedules*

  • 2023

    2022 Mickie Award Winners

    •Best Director: Tracey Salzbrenner – Matilda the Musical

    •Best Actor: Stephen Mathews, East in Almost – Maine

    •Best Actress: Bethany Taullie, Matilda Wormwood – Matilda the Musical

    •Best Supporting Actor: Noah Nunez-Rebel, Bruce – Matilda the Musical

    •Best Supporting Actress: Hannah Smith, Miss Agatha Trunchbull – Matilda the Musical

    •Best Technician: Zach Zamora, Lighting Technician – Matilda the Musical

  • 2024

    2023 Mickie Award Winners

    •Best Director: Tracey Salzbrenner – Next to Normal the Musical

    •Best Actor: Tom Seaba, Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde – Jekyll & Hyde the Musical

    •Best Actress: Desireé Goheen, Annie – The Play that Goes WRong

    •Best Supporting Actor: Noah Nunez-Rebel, Gabe – Next to Normal the Musical

    •Best Supporting Actress: Kaydence Lagergren, Natalie – Next to Normal the Musical

    •Best Technician: Zach Zamora, Special Effect Lighting – Next to Normal the Musical

The June Miles Theatrical Spirit and Dedication Award

  • 2019

    2018 Spirit Awards

  • 2022

    2020-2021 Spirit Awards

  • 2023

    2022 Spirit Awards

  • 2024

    2023 Spirit Awards

    • Andrew Benjamin – Next to Normal the Musical
    • Zoey Montoya – The Play That Goes WRong
    • Cynthia Fazio & Jessica Rebel – Jekyll & Hyde the Musical
    • Cira Ayala Fowler – Peter Pan

Annually, our dedicated board of directors meticulously reviews the preceding year to identify individuals whose exceptional service to the theatre stands out prominently. This thorough evaluation allows us to recognize and applaud those who have gone above and beyond in contributing their time, talent, and dedication to our theatrical endeavors. We cherish the opportunity to highlight the outstanding efforts of individuals who have truly made a lasting impact on our theatrical community, fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition within the Picketwire Players.

  • 1994

    Barbra Bravo

  • 1995

    Doug Golding

  • 1996

    J. Lane Brown

  • 1997

    Pam Miller

  • 1998

    Sally Kappel

  • 1999

    Monica Johnson

  • 2000

    Ken Johnson

  • 2001

    R.J. Nelson

  • 2002

    Gaye Murphy

  • 2003

    Ken Schroll

  • 2004

    Jeff & Janelle Stedman

  • 2005

    Jack & Sue Flores

  • 2006

    Desiree’ Carrica

  • 2007

    Scott Goheen

  • 2008

    Dean Rees

  • 2009

    Dr. Jason Morgenson

  • 2010

    LJ Tribune Democrat Staff

  • 2011

    Dee & Dale Atkinson

  • 2012

    Tom Seaba

  • 2013

    Tracey & Cameron Salzbrenner

  • 2013

    Kiel Heerding

  • 2014

    Bronco Beer/Brat Slingers

  • 2014

    Brenda Erwin

  • 2015

    Rockie Sanders

  • 2016

    Zach Zamora

  • 2017

    Eric Lagergren

  • 2018

    Keegan Russell

  • 2019

  • 2020

  • 2021

  • 2022

  • 2023

    John Lockhart

The prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award holds a place of honor as it is bestowed upon an exceptionally deserving individual who has demonstrated unwavering dedication, commitment, and tireless efforts in service to the Picketwire Center. This esteemed accolade serves as a testament to the recipient’s profound impact on our community, reflecting not only the longevity of their involvement but also the depth of their contributions. Through years of selfless commitment, this individual has played an integral role in shaping the legacy and success of the Picketwire Center, leaving an indelible mark on our shared history. The Lifetime Achievement Award serves as a heartfelt expression of gratitude for the enduring passion and outstanding contributions that have enriched the cultural fabric of our organization.


1968-1969 Rev. Will Bingham
1969-1970 Phil Malouff
1971-1975 Tom Jeffers
1975-1978 Don Coker
1978-1980 Don Sarlo
1980-1982 Sharon Kolomitz
1982-1984 Mack Burtis
1984-1986 Grant Elliot
1986-1988 John Spencer
1988-1991 Ed Clute
1991-1992 Todd Hillstad
1992-1993 Becky Goodwin
1993-1998 Lindy Nelson
1998-2006 Grant Elliot
2006-2007 Janet Golding
2007-2013 Barb Bravo
2013-Present Tracey Salzbrenner