Become involved with Picketwire by serving on a Committee – The committees of the Picketwire are the backbone of our theater. Without your participation it’s impossible to accomplish all that is necessary to produce great shows and keep our beautiful Center running so well. Committees meet six times a year, each with specific objectives and focus. So choose an area that fits your personality and help make Picketwire a great organization.

Facilities / Ground – This committee will conduct annual facility and grounds inspections and provide ongoing maintenance.  They will oversee purchase and stocking of consumables and control access to the theatre and outbuildings.  This committee will oversee the care and maintenance of landscaping and parking lot.

Production / Training – This committee reviews all plays and director packets and will make recommendations to the Board to plan a season of plays.  They will provide education and training for all production tasks, produce plays with the director and work directly with the director and production crew to ensure all aspects of the production are addressed and needs are met.

Public Relations / Marketing / History – This committee will write all press releases and update or write copy for website and Facebook; produce newsletters, fact sheets, radio advertising and PSA’s.  Handles renting of the building to clubs or organizations.  Oversees and arranges people to be available for assistance during the rental period.  They will also work with the media to promote plays, events and fundraising events.  Their goal is to market plays and events to a wider audience.  Some of these tasks include producing and distributing posters, updating the marquee and updating the scrapbook.

Inventory – This committee has the task of documenting the inventory of costumes, props, set pieces and other assets.  They will update inventory as necessary and particularly after each production.  Create, then update and oversee lending and disposal procedures  and clean, maintain and/or redesign costume and prop storage as needed.

Budget / Financial Management – This committee will produce a working budget for the year and prepare financial reports for each Board meeting.  They will also work closely with the Treasurer to document donations and prepare quarterly reports, provide IRS donation letters to all donors and prepare financial reports for annual meeting.  They will recommend savings, investment, and money management procedures to the Board. – FILLED

Fundraising / Grants – This committee will research grant possibilities for specific projects and operating budget, and seek out other fundraising opportunities and prepare letters and materials as needed.

Patron / Hospitality – This committee will prepare the annual patron membership campaign, research additional patron possibilities (both individually and commercially).  They will oversee patron, season tickets and row buyers preferred ticketing or all productions and provide hospitality for all productions and events, including greeting, snacks, etc.

Box Office – This committee will schedule volunteers for the Box Office three weeks prior to play production and through the play run.  Schedule ushers, print tickets and play programs in conjunction with director and work with Hospitality Committee to prepare and distribute refreshments.

Tracey Salzbrenner

Desiree Goheen

Scott Goheen

Barbra Hjelmstad

Natalie Summers

Brenda Erwin

Jeff Jackson

Heather Pidcock-Reed

Cameron Salzbrenner

Molly Borton

Zach Zamora

For more information on how to join a committee call (719) 384-8320 or email us below.