Picketwire Players

Stats: The Picketwire Players have performed 143 productions since 1968, 557 total performances including 6 road shows.  A total of 1798 separate individuals have participated at Picketwire since the first production in 1968 up to December of 2016.

Special thanks to the following who have kept track of this fun and valuable information:

1968-1988 compiled by La Junta Tribune Democrat (Mack Burtis)
1989-1993 compiled by Keith & Rebecca Goodwin
1994-2000 compiled by Janet Golding, Jim & June Miles, Cory Moosman, Anthoney Sandoval
2001-Current compiled and updated by Grant A. Elliott

Instruction:  Search for your name, the key and the production list is posted on the individual page for each Player.  If there is an error with the information listed, please send the correction by email through our contact page and we will fix it the error.  Enjoy!

A searchable list of our past productions is also available.


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Total Records Found: 1777, showing 15 per page
First NameLast NameBoard of DirectorsProductions
Matthew Armstrong 35A 52A-T 82A-S 84A-T-S
Reeve Armstrong 39L
Dr. Tom Armstrong 14A 15A-T 35A 52A-C-T 82A-S 84A-T 109A
Tami Arnold 28A
Matthew Arthur 124T
Marcie Ashton (Bennett) 45L 46T
Richelle Atchison 111A
Beverly Atkinson 32T 38A 48A-T
Dale Atkinson 130B
Dee Atkinson 130B
Katrina Austin 94A
Debbie Autry 34T 40CC 41CC 43CC 52T
K.C. Avalos 16T
Aubrey Ayala 115T 116PM-B 117SM-S 119AD
Rebecca Ayala 117CC 119CC 123CC 129CC