Picketwire Players Annouce Open Board Positions


Picketwire Players are seeking members for their Board of Directors. There are four open positions to serve three-year terms (2016 – 2019). If you are interested in serving on the Picketwire Board, please send a letter of intent. Please include in your letter of intent why you wish to serve as a Director on the Picketwire Board. 

See below for contact information and criteria.

Picketwire Board of Directors

802 San Juan Avenue

La Junta, CO 81050



*  All candidates must have participated in a Picketwire production or been a Patron within the past three years.

*  Recommend service on a Picketwire committee for at least three months.


2016 Board Goals include:

Revenue generation.

Recruit more members onto standing committees.

Provide training to prepare more members for technical jobs (i.e.: lighting design and technician, sound technician, special effects technician, set design, stage management, and directing).

Marketing to increase awareness of the Picketwire organization and expand our audience base during productions.

Continue to make improvements to Picketwire’s building and grounds.


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      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am currently working on updating information when found. Look for it in a few days!

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