Powering Picketwire, Phase II

spotlight1600Picketwire has been operating with lights that limited the artistry and creativity of our productions due to the lighting system’s age and inflexibility. Last year’s local fundraiser Powering Picketwire raised enough money in conjunction with a capital improvement loan to correct & replace the antiquated parts of the building’s electrical systems. This first phase was essential and has allowed us to move forward with new, much more efficient technology.

This year, with the use of contributions made in memory of June Miles and others, we have upgraded some of our light fixtures and installed a completely new computer system, enabling us to bring the 2013 Summer Musical to the stage.

Looking up in the theater, you can see that we’ve been able to take down over 30 light fixtures and replace them with only seven new state-of-the-art LED fixtures. These new lights (as a group) use only a fraction of the electricity that was necessary to power even one of the old fixtures, We are able to change the color with the click of a button (over 16,000 colors to choose from) on the computer, versus climbing the 40’ extension ladder and risking life and limb!

However, the work is far from complete and additional funds will be needed to see this project through. The Powering Picketwire Phase II campaign is underway and will help bring this 45 year old organization into the 21st Century!

Please join our fundraising campaign. Pledge today to help us meet our goal of raising $10,000 and Power Picketwire (phase II) for another 45 years. For more information or to make a pledge, please call 719-384-8320 and leave a message; your call will be returned.