The Underpants

Directed by: Ashley Kelley
Audition Dates: January 8th & 9th @ 7:00PM
Production Dates: February 29th, March 1st & 2nd

Legendary comedian and writer Steve Martin is back with a riotously funny farce. Newly married Louise is bored with her demanding and uptight bureaucrat husband. Then one day at the royal parade, she jumps up on a bench to see the king go by, and oops — wardrobe malfunction! — her bloomers come loose and fall down around her ankles. Though she pulls them up quickly, he thinks the incident will cost him his job as a government clerk. Louise’s momentary display does not result in the feared scandal, but it does attract two infatuated men, each of whom wants to rent the spare room in the Markes’ home. Oblivious of their amorous objectives, Theo splits the room between them, happy to collect rent from both the foppish poet and whiny hypochondriac.”  Steve Martin, who gave audiences hits like Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Bright Star, and Meteor Shower, brings us a hilarious look at sudden fame and the crazy things people do when they’re in the grip of romantic fever. The New York Times calls the play “laugh-out-loud funny!”

Next to Normal

Directed by: Tracey Salzbrenner

Audition Dates: February 28 & March 1 – 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Production Dates: April 26 – 29 @ 7:30 PM

Next to Normal explores how one suburban household copes with crisis and mental illness. Dad’s an architect; Mom rushes to pack lunches and pour cereal; their daughter and son are bright, wise-cracking teens, appearing to be a typical American family. And yet their lives are anything but normal because the mother has been battling manic depression for 16 years. Next to Normal takes audiences into the minds and hearts of each character, presenting their family’s story with love, sympathy, and heart. Next to Normal is an emotional powerhouse that addresses such issues as grieving a loss, ethics in modern psychiatry, and suburban life.

Almost, Maine

Directed by: Kelly Jo Smith

Production Dates: January 12-15 @ 7:30 PM

Come join us and tell the story of these people comprising nine short plays that explore love and loss with joy and laughter in a remote, mythical almost-town called AlmostMaine.

Drinking Habits

Directed by: Angelic Leija

Production Dates: April 15, 16, 17 @ 7:30 pm & 18 @ 1:30pm

“Drinking Habits” features accusations, mistaken identities, and romances run wild in a traditional, laugh-out-loud farce. Two nuns at the Sisters of Perpetual Sewing have been secretly making wine to keep the convent’s doors open, but Paul and Sally, reporters and former fiancees are hot on their trail. They go undercover as a nun and a priest, but their presence, combined with the addition of a new nun, spurs paranoia throughout the convent that spies have been sent from Rome to shut them down. Wine and secrets are inevitably spilled as everyone tries to preserve the convent and reconnect with lost loves.

The 39 Steps

Directed by: Heather Pidcock-Reed

Production Dates: April 16, 17, 18 @ 7:30pm

Audition Dates: February 18 & 20 @ 7:00pm

This hilarious Monty Python-esque parody of the 1935 Alfred Hitchcock whodunnit spy story calls for the entirety of the play to be performed by a cast of only four. One actor plays the hero, an actress plays the three women with whom he has romantic entanglements, and two other actors play every other character in the show: heroes, villains, men, women, children and even the occasional inanimate object.


Production dates: April 11, 12, 13 @ 7:30pm

Audition dates: February 26 and 28 @ 7:00pm

Hitting the stage this spring! A show that showcases the talent of past, present and future Picketwire Players!

Auditions are open to any group or individual that’s looking to show off a talent whether it’s singing, dancing, juggling, yodeling, lion taming…the possibilities are endless! If you are looking to audition, prepare a 3-5 minute act and come in full performance attire. If you require music, please provide your own CD or music player. If you require any props or equipment, please bring them with you. Remember, auditions are a competition! Prizes will be awarded each night of performances.  And remember, Bring It!

Do you want to be a star? Here’s your chance! Picketwire is hosting its very own talent show!

Unsure of what 2019’s production is all about?

The Picketwire Board of Directors voted to create a showcase that will give the community a chance to “strut their stuff.” A production that allows a seasoned entertainer to really break out of the shell of an already defined character and be themselves. We also created Picketwire’s Got Talent to give new and upcoming stars a chance in the spotlight with their own voice and their own moves. We want it to feature what the community can do without limiting actors or actresses to a molded role.

Will you be on stage and in the spotlight? Maybe just an over excited audience member (is there such a thing?)? Either way, look forward to an outstanding evening of some of the best and most creative talent to shine on the Picketwire stage.

While this will still be a full Picketwire production, there will be less directing and choreography than normal. Guided by the Picketwire Board of Directors who will be the crew and decision makers of this one-of-a-kind stage production.

Disclaimer: While auditions are open to everyone with every talent possible, the Picketwire Board of Directors makes the final decision of talents to be presented in Picketwire’s Got Talent. They will also decide the order of appearance, time allotted and appropriateness of talent, including but not limited to, costumes, props and content.