We are just days away from the opening night of our 50th anniversary season!

The actresses and actors have been hard at work over the last month. They have almost perfected their lines and are ready to strut their characters across the stage for our patrons opening night, April 19th at 7:30pm. On stage we have veterans all around, but there is also a new actor that is excited to show his more creative side, Ed Vela. Ed is one of two males in The Odd Couple: Female Version. While his character may not steal the stage, he is still very influential on the two main actresses, Florence Unger and Olive Madison, being played by Jeannie Larsen and Kelly Jo Smith respectively. Joining in on the fun we also have Jeff Reed as Ed’s brother.

Our other actresses include Ashley Jo Kelley as the tough-talking Sylvie, Hannah Smith as female cop Mickie, Angelica Leija as the sophisticated Renee, and Destini Tafoya as the ditzy Vera.

For the more technical side of the production we have, Assistant Director Heather Pidcock Reed, lighting designer Tracey Salzbrenner, lighting technician Zach Zamora, costume assistant Rebecca Ayala, backstage manager Keegan Russell, and prop manager Rachael Berg.

The Board has also been hard at work over the last few months starting and finishing multiple improvements to the building. The rock out front has been completely redone and improved with some FABULOUS statues! On the inside, there is no more red and worn down carpet, HUGE thank you to Terry’s Carpet on the fast and clean installation. Upstairs, it’s hard to notice because it blends so well, but we have worked hard to build a brand new technical booth, allowing for more efficient and secure storage of all things lighting and sound. Give us a wave when you look up there!

There is also another extra goody added in with our plays this year for all of our fantastic Patrons. This special access has been mailed out to those eligible and should be in mailboxes before long if not already. Are you curious about what this could be? It’s our special thank you and another way to give back to our Picketwire Patrons. Head on over to our Donate Page if you would like to be part of the club!

In the mean time, make sure you stop by the box office at 802 San Juan La Junta, CO between 5:30 and 7:00 PM Monday thru Wednesday to reserve your tickets. Don’t feel like leaving the house? We also have an automated system online to purchase tickets. This is available 24/7 and offers all the benefits of coming to box office!

The house opens at 7:00PM each night, the Picketwire Players look forward to seeing you there!