All Together Now Cast Announced

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Congratulations to the cast of “All Together Now!” Our first “listen through” of the show will be on Monday, September 20 at 7 p.m. Please wear your mask!

“Pure Imagination”                                                  

Willy                                        Thomas Seaba

“Writing Down the Story of My Life”

Junie                                       Mariah Gallegos

Herb                                        Genevieve Miller

Kids’ Chorus                          Audrey Leitner, Emily Schultz, Emilia Smith-Pumalpa, Lillian Seaba

Adult Chorus                           Veronica Leitner, Katie Lagergren, Tim Baublits, John Rebel

“Middle of a Moment”

James                                     Kaydence Lagergren

“This Is The Moment”

Dr. Jekyll                                 Special Guest

“Spread the Love Around”

Mother Superior                      Desiree Goheen

Deloris                                     Ashley Bass

Ensemble                                Cast


Annie                                       Genevieve Miller

“The New World”

Woman #1                              Bethany Taullie

Woman #2                              Katie Lagergren

Man #1                                    Special Guest

Man #2                                    Mike Shima

“She Used to Be Mine”

Jenna                                      Heather Pidcock-Reed

“Seize the Day”

Davey                                     Noah Nunez-Rebel

Jack                                        Andrew Benjamin

Chorus                                    Tim Baublits, Desiree Goheen, Brandon Bass

Ensemble                                Cast

“When I Grow Up”

Matilda                                    Emilia Smith-Pumalpa

Miss Honey                             Kaydence Lagergren

Kids’ Chorus                           Audrey Leitner, Emily Schultz, Lillian Seaba, Genevieve Miller, Noah Nunez-Rebel, Finnley Bass

Adult Chorus                           Veronica Leitner, Jessica Rebel, Julie Meiklejohn, Tim Baublits, Desiree Goheen, Ashley Bass, Brandon Bass, other invited special guests

“Stop the World”

Nick                                         Brandon Bass

Diane                                       Ashley Bass


Jo                                            Katie Lagergren


Mary Poppins                          Jessica Rebel

Mrs. Correy                             Desiree Goheen

Bert                                         Tim Baublits

Jane                                        Emily Schultz

Michael                                   Chloe Nunez

Ensemble                                Cast

“Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”

Character 1                             Caitlyn Dieckmann

Character 2                             Destiny Clarke

Character 3                             Amanda Vaughn

Ensemble                                Cast

“You Can’t Stop the Beat”

Tracey                                     Bethany Taullie

Link                                         Noah Nunez-Rebel

Penny                                      Katie Lagergren

Seaweed                                 Andrew Benjamin

Edna                                        Tim Baublits

Motormouth                            Caitlyn Dieckmann

Ensemble                                Cast