Become a Patron of the Picketwire Center

The best way to provide financial support is to become a Picketwire Patron.  We now have different levels of patron participation to make it easier for everyone to become involved in continuing Picketwire’s future in our community.

The Bronze level of participation is a yearly donation of $20 to $49.  The Silver level is from $50 to $99, Gold level is $100 to $249, Diamond level is $250 to $499 and the Platinum level is from $500 and up.

All donations are recognized for the year that they are received. Effective date is at the time of our Annual Patron Drive, most commonly December 1st thru November 30th.

Undesignated donations and memorials are always welcome.  Clothing (for costumes) or useful items and stage props are accepted.  Picketwire Players is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Thank you to our 2020 Patrons

Dianne Willhoite
E. Kay McDivitt
Ms. Omayra Pumalpa & Dr. Patrick Smith & Family
Valley Wide Health Systems, Inc.
Roy & Marva Fritch
Wallace Oil Co. in memory of Robert J. Wallace
Dick and Susan Shand

First National Bank of
Las Animas/La Junta
John & Dawn Pollmiller
Knights of Columbus #1161
Larry & Sandra Hansen
M. Jon & Sharon Kolomitz
Mike & Mary Sue Nicklos
Pete & Susie Mathewson
R.J. & Lindy Nelson
Sally Kappel
Susie Sarlo
The Hill Family
The State Bank

Ark Valley Bookkeeping LLC
Ark Valley Chiropractic
Dr. Jerrilea Karney
Beverly Babb
Bill and Norene Piquette
Carolyn Bowra
Darrin, Tracy, Bethany
& Makayla Taullie
Dave & Cindy Driscoll
Don & Barbra Hjelmstad
Dorothy Kubin
Edward & Nona Vela
Francie Haberman
Gail & Charles Zimmerman
George & Jeannie Larsen
Glenn ParkerGrant & Deb Elliott
Gregory Kolomitz
In memory of Merido and Orene Craig
James F. Koenigsfeld
 in honor of the Sarlo Family
Jeff & Jan Church
Joe & Denise Carrica
Joe and Jessica Trainor
Kathy Parker
Kelly Jo & Hannah Smith
Larry and Helen Hollar
Leonard & Judy Walgren
Lynn & Lynette Horner
Marlene T. Miller
Micah & Natalie Summers & Family
Michael & Penny Meier
Mr-Mrs. Robert Lovisone
Pamela Valdez, Kuhns Chiropractic Clinic
Patricia & Norman Finkner
Rev. Steve L. Culver
Rob & Colleen Oquist
Sandra Leonard in Memory
of Will, Charlotte & Jim Rogers
Sherry Baumgartner

Carl & Becky Otteman
Jim & Jeanne Clark
Miner & Darlene Blackford
Nancy Bennett
Rick & Paula Klein
Rod & Nida Fouracre
Sue and Steve Keefer

Arnold Lewis
Keegan Russell
Melanie Hudspeth Myron
PEO Chapter W
Tom & Sallie Hibbs
Veronica Mata
Susan Dietrich