Become a Patron of the Picketwire Center

The best way to provide financial support is to become a Picketwire Patron.  We now have different levels of patron participation to make it easier for everyone to become involved in continuing Picketwire’s future in our community.

The Bronze level of participation is a yearly donation of $20 to $49.  The Silver level is from $50 to $99, Gold level is $100 to $249, Diamond level is $250 to $499 and the Platinum level is from $500 and up.

All donations are recognized for the year that they are received. Effective date is at the time of our Annual Patron Drive, most commonly December 1st thru November 30th.

Undesignated donations and memorials are always welcome.  Clothing (for costumes) or useful items and stage props are accepted.  Picketwire Players is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.


Thank you to our 2018 Patrons


Epoxy Colorado

Mr. D’s Carpet Cleaning

Nancy & Ron Aschermann

Bret & Jeannie Coates

J.C. Carrica & Family

Roy & Marva Fritch

Jerry Custom Painting

Randy Jones

Dick & Susan Shand

Sharon & Jon Kolomitz (in honor of Picketwire’s 50th Anniversary)

La Junta Trading Co. (in memory of Todd McIntyre)

Alan & JerriAnn Heath (in honor of Jean Ann Sabin)

Donald Hill

The State Bank

The Joe Trainor Family

Triad Computers

Wallace Oil Co.

Dianne Willhoite

Zach Zamora

Neyla and Mark Driscoll

Howard and Susan Miller

Class of 1950 (in memory of deceased classmates)

Class of 1967 (in memory of deceased classmates)


Ark Valley Animal Hospital

Sandi & Larry Hansen

Mary Sue & Mike Nicklos

Cameron & Tracey Salzbrenner

Susie Sarlo

Smith-Pumalpa Family

R.J. and Lindy Nelson

Pam Denahy


Cherry Creek Radio

Ark Valley Chiropractic

Beverly Babb

Lyle and Sons Plumbing

Lynne Bauer

Carolyn Bowra

Mack Burtis

Joe Carrica & Family

Janis & Jeff Church

Grant & Deb Elliott

Brenda Erwin

Pat & Norman Finkner

Desiree & Scott Goheen

Kevin Harsh

Judy Hensley

Candi & Patrick Hill

Janet & Dave Hill

Barbra Hjelmstad

Larry & Helen Hollar

Knights of Columbus

Msgr. James Koenigsfeld

George & Jeannie Larsen

Rev. Steve L. Culver

Velma Simpson (in memory of Steve Simpson)

Mark Macdonnell

Michael & Penny Meier

Marlene Miller

Colleen & Rob Oquist

Paolucci/Davis Rentals

John & Dawn Pollmiller

Jeannie Rizzuto

Kelly Jo & Hannah Smith

Tom Seaba Family

Katherine Shand Larkin

Jim Stroud

Tracy & Darrin Taullie

Ed Vela

Leonard & Judy Walgren

Kent & Kristen Reyher

Jonathan and Shari Fox

Chris Clawson

Jill Manley

Flying D Ranch

Charles and Gail Zimmerman

John & Jerolyn Lockhart

Bob & Barbara Lovisone

Cary Sarlo (In memory of Lydia & Carmen Sarlo)


A Beautiful You

Dona Aldea

Darlene & Minor Blackford

James & Jeanne Clark

Rhonda Karney

Rick Wallner Family

Don & Gracia Lowman

Jack & Jackie Marshall

Alex Sonnier & Sarah Carson

Sue and Steve Keefer

Nicole Simpkins Taylor (in memory of Dennis Simpkins)

Pete & Susie Mathewson

Bette McFarren

Carl & Becky Otteman

Mary Jane Strack Dewars

Bill & Norene Piquette

Jeffri Pruyn

Rockie Sanders

Rita Noland

Donna Maurer

Polly & Tom Venard (in honor of Jean Ann Sabin)


Jennie Adrian

Darlene Derbigny

Tom & Sallie Hibbs

Justine Madrid

Celeste Nichols

Jean Ann Sabin

Cheryl Lindner

Amanda Johnston

Leslie McKenzie


Colorado Bank & Trust Co. (Mack Burtis)

Dona Aldea

Claudia Conley (Mack Burtis)