Nuncrackers Cast and Crew Share Their Thoughts

The Picketwire Center for Performing and Visual Arts is buzzing with activity, ascast and crew prepare to bring “Nuncrackers: The Nunsense ChristmasMusical” to life. The show follows the residents of Mount Saint Helen’s Abbey as they attempt to tape their own Christmas TV Special. The show, filled with music, laughter and joy of the holiday season is set to open on December 13 th . The cast and crew took the time to share their thoughts on the experience of “Nuncrackers” as they reach the last leg of their journey in bringing this show to the stage.

Desiree Goheen/ Director/Sister Mary Hubert: What do you hope that the audience willtake away from this show? “Ihope that they will see the valuable contributions the theater makes to the community.”

Tracey Salzbrenner/ Assistant Director/Sister Mary Regina: Have you enjoyed being backon stage” “Yes.I’ve been enjoying not having to make all the decisions. Also, what could bebetter than playing a nun? I’ve no costume changes, plus, this is a veryfunny show. This is a play where you can let go of everyday life and justlaugh!”

Angelica Leija/Sister Robert Ann: Is this a funny show? “Yes! It has good mix of family and adult humor. Thereis humor in this play for all ages.”

Teagan Summers/Sister Mary Paul (Amnesia): What do you enjoy about your character? “She is a bit clueless, and well, so am I. So, Ican relate to her!”

Dr. Patrick Smith/Father Virgil Manly Trott: What have you enjoyed about thisexperience? “I am in theproduction with my whole family. This is our fourth play that we’ve done as afamily. Each play is special and something that we look forward to.”

Tracie Petry/ Sister Mary Agnes: In what way is this a new experience for you? “ In this show I get to sing and dance! People shouldcome to the show to enjoy the music, and if that’s not enough of a reason,we are also serving cookies and hot chocolate!”

Jessica Rebel/Sister Mary Leo: Why is theater important to you? “ I am in this production with my son Noah. Theateris our special time to bond together. I love watching him on stage andperforming with him.”

Omayra Pumalpa/ Sister Mary Celeste: Who will enjoy this show? “Everybody! Young people and old will enjoy thisshow.”

Rachael Berg/ Sister May Wilhelm: Is there anything special about doing a Christmasshow? “Honestly, I justenjoy being around people and having fun. I do think that doing a Christmasshow has allowed me to enjoy Christmas for longer, since we startedrehearsal a few months ago.”

Noah Nunez Rebel/Luke: Do you think people will enjoy this show? “Yes, it’s been really fun for the cast. People who come see the show will love all the hard work we put into it.”

Christian Smith Pumalpa/ Billy: Why is theater fun for you? “I enjoy being part of a theater group. It is funto be energetic on stage.”

Mariah Gallegos/Maria: Why did you decide to audition for “Nuncrackers”? “I have done other plays and enjoyed them. I havealways wanted to do a Picketwire play, so I just decided to audition.”

Liliana Barela/Elizabeth: Why do you think people should come watch this show? “I think that they will enjoy the singing and thedancing. It will help them get in the Christmas spirit.”

Chloe Nunez/Margaret: Have you had fun during this show? “Yes. I like the cast. Everyone is very nice.”

Emilia Smith Pumalpa/Frannie: What are your favorite parts of this show? “I like the songs. Especially the “Santa’s LittleTeapot” song. I think people will enjoy it.”

Anya Miller/ Louise: Was this play hard work? “Itwas hard work, but it’s a good play. It’s different and funny. There islots of slapstick humor in it.”

Samuel Goheen/John: Do you like to act? “Yes,it is very fun to act. I think the audience will be able to see how muchfun we are having.”

Lexie Summers/ Production Assistant: Do you feel like you’ve learned a lot duringthis production? “Yes,and it’s been a lot of fun.

Barbra Hjelmstad/Vocal Director: How do you think this show will make the audiencefeel? “Your heart will behappy when you come and see this show!”

Performance dates for “Nuncrackers” are December 13 th , 14 th and 15 th at 7:30 PM. Ticket price is $15.00. Tickets can be purchased online at, by calling 384-8320, or by stopping by the box office at 802 San Juan. Box office hours are from 5:30-7:00 PM Monday through Friday.