Auditions for “The 39 Steps” are February 18 & 20 from 7-9 PM. Remember, they are 18+.

Backstage crew are also needed! Stop by the theatre either night and fill out an audition form.

Richard Hannay (approximately 30’s-40’s) – Having just returned to England after serving as an intelligence officer in the Boer War, Hannay finds life in London dull and tiring. Although Hannay describes himself as ordinary, he is the typical English gentleman hero – well educated, rich, strong, fit and healthy, looking for fun and adventure. He is described by others as, thirty-seven years old, attractive with a pencil moustache.

Annabella/Pamela/Margaret (approximately 20’s-30′) – The roles of Annabella, Pamela, and Margaret are played by the same actress. Annabella is the beautiful, mysterious German woman Richard Hannay meets at a London theatre. She tells him she is a spy and tells him clues to a mystery before being stabbed and killed. Pamela is the attractive woman Hannay meets on the train to Scotland as he runs from the police who are hot on his trail. he meets her later at the political rally, but each time she gives him up to the authorities. She is reluctantly hand-cuffed to Hannay, who she thinks is a dangerous criminal and tries to escape but discovers the truth and instead tries to help him. Margaret is the Scottish wife of the farmer who invites Hannay to stay the night at their cottage. She flirts with her houseguest, enraging her husband and helps Hannay avoid the police.

Clown 1 & Clown 2 (any 18+) – All the other characters are played by the Clowns, changing over 100 times into various disguises of every age and gender and dialect. Dialects include Scottish, Cockney, British, and German. Can be cast as male and female.