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How do you measure a year? What a year it’s been!

MTI’s All Together Now

We’re so happy to be returning to musical theatre, and we’d like to celebrate together! “All Together Now!” is a musical revue featuring the best songs from the biggest Broadway musicals, some classic and some brand-new. Performance options for all ages, from 8-108, both solo and ensemble parts. Come seize the day and join us – you can’t stop the beat!

Audition on September 14 and 15 for the November 12-14 production – stay tuned for more specific audition information!

Almost, Maine

Almost, Maine is a quiet, remote, empty and sometime lonely place. But a place of magic and wonder where people honor the aches of life.

Come join us and tell the story of these people comprising nine short plays that explore love and loss with joy and laughter in a remote, mythical almost-town called Almost, Maine. Each segment of the show presents two people and explores how their relationship develops, devolves, and changes. It is a testament to love, and the search for companionship. But more than that, the show is a cry for comfort. The characters want to find love however they can, and each vignette will hold a different level of resonance for each audience member.

The rehearsal schedule will not require a nightly time commitment. So, we are ready to be flexible with active lives and busy schedules. But the magic created will draw the actors and audiences into this witty, romantic, unsentimental and beautifully structured play.

Auditions will be held
November 15-16 with production January 12-15, 2022. Stay tuned for more information!