Get to know the cast of “Nightfall” Part 2


Opening night is hours away! Now is a great time to purchase your tickets. If you are still unsure, here’s what the rest of the cast has to say about “Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe.”

Tom Seaba can currently be seen in the role of Poe in “Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe.” When asked why people should come see this play Tom shared, “the message of this show is timely. It prompts us to be introspective and find new outlets for our curiosity. With everything going on in our world right now, this is a message that we can benefit from. This show will leave you with something to ponder.”

Brenda Erwin is taking on the role of the police officer in the tale of “The Tell-Tale Heart” in “Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe.” When asked what drew her to this play Brenda shared, “I always love taking on new characters. It’s a challenge to not be myself on the stage, but rather embody someone else. This is actually the third time I’ve played a cop at Picketwire, and third time is the charm, right?  To be honest I was not very familiar with Poe’s work, but have enjoyed the storytelling of this show.”

Angelica Leija can currently be seen in the role of Roderick Usher in Poe’s tale, “The Fall of the House of Usher,” in Picketwire’s production of “Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe.” When asked why she values community theater, Angelica shared, “community theater is a place where you get to form a new kind of community. It’s a place where younger people and older people get to come together and express themselves in creative ways. This is always important, but especially in times like this. This show is a great opportunity for people to come and see a cast of both new and familiar faces.”

Tickets are available online or at the door the night of the show.
Masks and social distancing will be required.

Please contact us if you have any questions.