July 1

First off, the Picketwire Board of Directors would like to thank everyone that participated in our survey. We are always looking for community input and appreciate any feedback on doing future surveys of this type.

As for the results, here is a quick breakdown showing the top two choices of each category.

  1. As Soon As Possible, July; Comfortable attending theatre
  2. Very Interested, Somewhat Interested; Outdoor event
  3. Somewhat Interested, Not So Interested; Virtual Event
  4. 65+, 55-64; Age demographic
  5. Peter Pan, Elf, The 39 Steps, Chess
  6. Not Applicable, Extremely Comfortable; Audition attendance
  7. Approve, Strongly Approve; Encouragement of face masks
  8. Neutral, Strongly Approve; Required face masks
  9. Neutral, Approve; Required social distancing during events
  10. Approve, Neutral; Required social distancing throughout theatre
  11. Neutral, Approve; Required temperature checks
  12. Approve, Neutral; Implemented staggered entrance to theatre
Full breakdown of questions.

At this time, the Board is discussing all of our options for moving forward with a performance for the public. We are also working with the local health department to ensure we follow all guidelines.

We are confident that our curtain will open again soon. In the meantime, keep an eye out for news on when box office will open and continue to support your favorite local theatre!

We welcome your feedback and questions! Please don’t hesitate to contact us via website or Facebook.

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