Picketwire Ropes in December with Patron Drive 2022

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The patrons of the arts are the invisible rope that continuously ties and holds our community together. Thanks to you, that rope remains just as strong as ever.  Help us to continue our bond by becoming a Picketwire Patron today!

Our patrons have truly stepped up and helped to ensure our beloved community theater is financially secure.  In combination with the grant funds we have received, the Picketwire Legacy remains intact and our continuity is not in question. 
We are excited to be back in the theater, planning our upcoming season of shows, events and programs.  As we look toward the future and all of the exciting plans we hope to execute, our patrons will continue to play a leading role.  For more than 53 years, they have provided annual support and allowed us to keep our doors open. We are asking you, once again, to keep the momentum going and renew your membership or become a new patron of our community theatre in 2022. We hope you find it in your heart to be one of our loyal supporters. If you have already sent in a contribution, we are eternally thankful for your continued support! 

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Picketwire Players are totally dependent upon our volunteers, box office sales and your tax-deductible donations to keep our beloved theatre open.

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  1. Bette McFarren
    Bette McFarren says:

    Almost, Maine was a lovely production. When are the Mickie Awards? I would like to go and write it up for Rocky. I would also like to become a patron.

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