Picketwire Shows Talent!

Picketwire made a grand entrance to its 51st season April 11th with the opening of “Picketwire’s Got Talent.” As always we had a great crowd that was eager to see what this new talent show was all about. Who knows, maybe it will be a show that becomes annual?

With a bare bones script and live audio mixing, each night is as unique as the acts themselves. Speaking of unique, for the first time ever, Picketwire is utilizing live voting during intermission to determine the winner. The entire second act of the show is written by the audience based on how they vote!

Now, let’s meet the talent!

The winner of Picketwire’s Got Talent for April 11th was Christian Smith Pumalpa! He was extremely excited about it, but stayed humble.

Christain holding violin as winner of PGT
1st Place winner of Picketwire’s Got Talent, April 11, 2019

There are still two more nights if you want to participate in great fun, great music and live voting!

You can pick up tickets online at picketwireplayers.org/tickets, call 719.384.8320, or stop by the box office at 802 San Juan Ave.

See you at the show!