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On Saturday, January 27th, the Picketwire Players held their annual public meeting, providing information on the 2017 year. There were a large amount of building improvements and projects that had been completed:

  • Fresh paint on exterior and interior doors
  • Organization of tool room
  • New signage above the Stage Door
  • Assisted entry ramp for props and persons
  • Updated sound system – from wiring to speakers
  • 21st Century ticketing system
  • …and much more!

While running four shows, Picketwire also found time to take on larger projects that are in the process of being completed:

  • Building Ken Schroll Memorial Light Booth
  • Redoing landscaping along San Juan street
  • Organizing basement storage – from shoes to vases!

Another highlight of the meeting was discussion of Picketwire Center becoming recognized as a National Historic Site. This designation would give Picketwire access to new funding and titles to help preserve the building, making sure it stands for many more years. We hope to gather more information before fully proceeding with the process, but it does look like a beneficial prospect.

After the announcement of the new board members, the meeting was concluded and the Mickie Awards began. This year we opted for a different presentation of the past performances, using our newer technology to provide a more thorough recount of productions through video highlights. While there was reluctance to forego the live theatre beforehand, feedback tells us that it was a welcome change as it gave a broader view of the performance and its entire cast.

Next up, Picketwire’s newest season of shows was announced. The 2018 season is Picketwire’s 50th season of shows as an organization. Starting in 1968 at the La Junta High School Theatre, Picketwire has continued to produce quality shows for the Arkansas Valley; all the way from well known classics to director debuts of originally written scripts. To help highlight this momentous year, our season of shows is a year of revivals, with each show previously going under the lights. For the full breakdown, head over to our current season and mark your calendars with dates! Also make sure to jot down the audition dates! With such a great line up we will need all the talent we can get!

Outside of our regular season of shows, we are going to have a weekend of celebrations. Stay close to a computer so you can stay up to date. A 50th celebration post is soon to come!


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